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I’m Kay: an opinionated book blogger enamoured with the world of novels. Reader of Speculative Fiction (the posh word for Sci-Fi/Fantasy) and Young Adult (don't judge, it's brilliant). Believer in the many uses of the towel, the science of deduction and other fandom in-jokes.

Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

Ten Authors 2

This week on Top Ten Tuesday, we’ve been asked to list a very specific group of talents: authors we’ve read, loved, but have not read more than one book from! It was disturbingly easy for me to put this list together – there are a lot of books I still need to read!

1 & 2 Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

A two-for-one! As the authors of the glorious These Broken Stars, they absolutely wowed me. I mean, WOW. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the trilogy… but, in the meantime, there are their individual novels!

3 Douglas Adams

As  proud towel-carrying fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’d think I’d have read all the books in the series. Well… not as such. *ahem* Now that I own the omnibus, I guess I should get to work on that…

4 Livia Blackburn

Debut 2014 author, Livia Blackburn, is on my to-watch list. I loved her prequel novella Poison Dance (reviewed on goodreads) and really want to get to her actual book!

5 Sarah Dessen

A classic YA author, if there ever was one. Eeeeeverybody loves her. I’ve only read her book Last Chance, but I own quite a few!

Ten Authors6 George R. R. Martin

Oh, George. I loved Game of Thrones, but I had a lot of trouble getting into A Clash of Kings. He is certainly an author I need to revisit, but I don’t know when I’ll have the strength to sit through his deathly sagas!

7 Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is another one of those authors that everybody loves but I? I am late to the party! I read her White Hot Kiss (much more UF than romance, despite the title/cover) and loved it. I even got to meet her at BEA this year! But alas, I am still behind on her books. Sigh.

8 Alan Brennert

I adored Alan’s Moloka’i. I laughed, cried – the whole nine yards. I wrote a glowing review for it and then immediately went out to get his other set-in-Hawaii novel Honolulu… and never got to it.

9 Julianna Baggott

Baggott’s novel Pure made my Top Ten list of 2011 and yet… I haven’t read the sequel! *shame face*

10 Anne Osterlund

OMG ANNE OSTERLUND. Her novel Academy 7 is one of those so-under-rated-it-should-be-criminal books that I highly recommend. Go out and get a copy, already. Why haven’t I read more of her books? I DON’T KNOW. *panics*

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My “dead-tree” book problem

Alicia Martin Biografias

When things go very wrong for a booklover. (“Biografias” installation art by Alicia Martin – check out her site for more great art!)

I’m planning on moving later this year. This big decision comes along with an even bigger one: what the hell do I do with the 300+ books I have crammed on my shelves.

It’s been many years since I’ve had to do a “proper” move. In fact, last time swapped homes, I convinced my former landlord to store my stuff for the sole reason of not wanting to move my books. Those books are still there, FYI… and do not include the hundreds of “keeper” books I have at my mother’s! Some might say I have a problem – but I disagree. There is no such thing as “too many books”… but there is something called “not enough bloody space”.

So I’ve decided to clean house… well, this house at least. I am looking at what I own already, comparing that to what I have in digital format and then being ruthless about it. Basically: unless it is a signed edition or has a super-gorgeous cover, it is leaving the building. (Yes, I am making decisions based on cover art – I am superficial that way.) I am also putting an end to paper ARCs and charity book shopping, because that way lies even more madness.

This is really hard for me, because I absolutely adore my “dead-tree” editions. As much as I love the convenience of ebooks, nothing quite replaces the feel of a book in your hand. But sometimes you just have to think practically. I ordered about 4.5 kilos worth of comic books the other day and, as I was picking them up, thought, “What the hell are you doing, Kay?”.

Of course, I will never stop buying paper books. Impossible. I plan to die surrounded by more books than anyone could ever possibly read. But I am going to start weighing space vs. desire for every purchase. I don’t need to have the paper version when an ebook can provide the same experience.

Anyone else suffering from similar woes? I imagine there are plenty of us – especially among the blogger community!

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The Comic Book Post! (1) Ms. Marvel, Runaways, Thor: God of Thunder

As my interest in comic books continues to grow, I’ve come across a LOT of comic books I’ve absolutely adored. My average goodreads rating has jumped rather suddenly purely because I’m reading and loving so many comic books! I think that is just one of the brilliant things about finding a new genre: you start with reading the best-of-the-best, rather than having to dig through a genre you know for a new gem.

So – every once in a while – I thought I’d share the latest and greatest comic books I’ve been reading. I’m going to try not to make these too often, as I have found that blogging can sometimes have the inverse effect on my appreciation of a book… sad, but true. I should write a post about that one of these days…

On to the books!


Ms. Marvel

Vol. 1: No Normal (goodreads)

Everyone and their mother is reading Ms. Marvel (mine included). Let me just say: there’s a very, very good reason for that. This is a modern, fresh take on the typical superhero – perfect for the twenty-first generation. Yes, Ms. Marvel is Muslim, but more than that, she is Generation Z. The girl writes fanfiction, deals with parents who just don’t “get” her modern ways and – most of all – she isn’t even remotely confined by her gender. Ms. Marvel is a fun, fun, fun read. The first volume is out in October and is a MUST BUY for comic fans and non-comic fans alike. Highly recommended.

God Butcher

Thor: God of Thunder

Vol. 1: The God Butcher (goodreads) and Vol. 2: Godbomb (goodreads)

OMG this STORY. I went into this book based off a youtube review of the series (see my post about that here) and was expecting great things. Well… it didn’t disappoint. The artwork is just so stunningly beautiful – rich, warm, soft, but depicting really tough stuff. And the story? Simply perfect. I am not a Movie!Thor fan, but after reading this storyline I can completely see the appeal. The book makes you question the role of faith in society – both the positive and the extremely negative – as well as the “purpose” a God can serve. Absolute genius. Highly recommended.



Complete Volume 1 (goodreads)

If there is one series a YA novel fan should read, I’d say it is Brian K. Vaughn’s Runways. It follows a group of teens who find out their loving parents are actually supervillians trying to destroy the world. Talk about problems! Not only is the story unique, it also features some brilliant teenage drama to keep you engaged and flicking the pages. First released in 2004, it has been reissued this year by Marvel in a single volume for your convenience! Highly, highly recommended.


Hope these recommendations helped. They are all great starting places for new readers, so go out and read some comic books!


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Deal Alert! Bookdepository half-price sale

Book Depository Bargain


The bookdepository is after your money once again! They’ve got a great sale going on at the moment with a lot of Young Adult and Science Fiction/Fantasy titles 50% off. Add to that FREE worldwide shipping and super fast delivery? Well, I can’t hand over my credit card quick enough. :)

If you’ve been wondering about Rachel Caine’s Morganville Series, this is a good time to give them a go! Much of the series is marked down, including the first book Glass Houses. In fact, there seems to be a lot of Rachel Caine on sale… I’m not going to question why and will just say: go buy them all!

(Just for the sake of clarity: I am NOT in any way associated with Bookdepository or Amazon. I’m getting no kick-back, just wanted to let y’all know about a good opportunity!)

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My new comic book… obsession… thing [aka Comic Books 101 by WOMEN]

A small selection of the comic books that are TRYING TO TAKE OVER MY LIFE. (No, not trying. I am letting them. They are awesome.)

A small selection of the comic books that are TRYING TO TAKE OVER MY LIFE. (No, not trying. I am letting them. They are awesome.)

At some point between returning from BEA and enjoying the genius that was X-Men: Days of Future Past (OMG that movie), I made the executive decision that comic books were going to be my new thing. Because anything that has created so many awesome spin-off products (Avengers! The Walking Dead! TONY STARK!) had to be pretty awesome.

Now, my main concern about comic books: the gender thing. I worry about anything that is male-dominated, as I have no desire to patronize ANYTHING filled with the male-gaze. Life is short. Sexism is so 1880s. Female empowerment FTW.

In fact, I had tried to get into comics a few years ago… and stopped. I wandered into Forbidden Planet’s comic section and was glared at by creepy male teenagers… add to that the fact I had no idea what I was looking for and… I didn’t go back!

But forewarned is forearmed. So, I went into research mode and first decided to hit up youtube for some recommendations… and recommendations by women, if possible. There was a lot! First off, the lovely Priscilla over at The Readables was also starting out in the comic book world, so her beginners video is was a good place to start with the terminology. Knowing that the paperback editions of the comics were just bind-ups and not some super-special long edition? Really useful bloody thing to know.

Next I discovered the awesome comicbookgirl19. She is super into the superhero side and is, well, a total expert. Her comic book video for nooblers was super useful. One of her videos hooked me up with the Thor: God of Thunder series (and I lurved it). So much so, that I have to get you into it as well:

And through the awesome comicbookgirl19 came Amy Dallen of Geek & Sundry! I’d recommend ALL of her comic book videos as she is SO inspired by comic books. It is her work and her passion – her enthusiasm is for comics is totally catching. I am like “YES COMIC BOOKS WILL EMPOWER FUTURE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN TO BE AWESOME SUPERHEROS” whenever I watch her videos :)

I hope these videos help you get into comic books the way they have helped me. I have LOVED what I’ve picked up so far and have already spent an obscene amount of money on new titles. I FEEL NO GUILT AND LURVE IT ALL.


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