The covers for the seventh (!) House of Night book were released this week, and I just had to share.  Considering how much I disliked both the UK and US covers of Tempted, this makes for a nice change!

Burned by PC and Kristin Cast - UK Burned by PC and Kristin Cast - US
Burned: House of Night Series Book 7 by P.C. and Kristin Cast
To be Published: April 27th 2010 by ATOM
Seeing them side by side, I am not sure which I prefer.  Probably the US one… but don’t hold me to that!  Either way, both are much nicer than the previous book!

I am kinda surprised that they set the release date so soon for this book, even though the Casts only finished it on Monday!  Seems a bit presumptuous… but I guess this series is popular enough for them to want to get them on overdrive.

On a personal note, I am kinda surprised that I actually have stuck through with this series – considering how I don’t actually like the writing all that much.  But, well, I just want to find out how everything bloody well ends!

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