July is finally here, and I couldn’t be  more excited.  Considering I hate the heat – and GOD is July miserable – it takes an awful lot to make me look forward to the summer.  But this warm month marks the release of a bunch of books I have been seriously lusting after.  I mean, hello?  Linger!

But besides Stiefvater’s werewolf-book-of-the-Gods, there are a bunch of other YA novels coming out this month that you should be excited about.  There are a few more comprehensive lists out there, check out Tez Says for a list of July Releases, and Fiendishly Bookish for a list of PNR/UF releases.

Other by Karen Kincy – July 1st
Sleepless by Cyn Balog – July 13th
Alas, these are US release dates.  I’ve had trouble finding the UK dates for these – so let’s just be optimistic and assume they come out at the same time!
What books are you excited about?  Got a list of your own?  Tell me!
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