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Instead of my “usual” monthly wind-up post, I thought I’d share my November favourites instead. This is primarily  because I had a month chalk full of favourites: three five-star books read, two five-star films watched, and a whole new (smelly) addiction…


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Outpost by Ann Aguirre

I read an astounding THREE five-star books* this month, but my favourite of the lot has to be Outpost by Ann Aguirre (review). I adore Aguirre’s writing as a general rule, but Outpost was a cut above. I cannot recommend this series enough: it is everything you can possibly want in an apocalyptic book. Dark but still hopeful.

* Outpost, These Broken Stars and Crash Into You – in case you were wondering. 😉


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These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Color me stunned. These Broken Stars (goodreads) makes my favourite list as the-book-that-made-me-eat-my-words. It is YA Science Fiction AND YET it is amazing. I am still not quite convinced by the whole genre, so I guess my opinions in Book Talk: Where did all these spaceships come from (and how can I make them leave)? still holds true. Only difference between then and now? After reading These Broken Stars, I am willing to be convinced.

Review will be up on book’s release date (Tuesday next week!). Go pre-order yours, er, NOW!




OMG this movie. A friend of mine called me from 3 countries over to tell me he had seen it and I needed to go immediately… and he was so so right. It is just mesmerizing, and I genuinely don’t think there are any other films like it out there. It features many, many shiny stars and science… so I was bound to be a fan.

Official site / Trailer


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Catching Fire

JFC this series. It’s been two years since I devoured the Hunger Games trilogy… and yet it felt like my second first time. I  laughed, cried and actually enjoyed the love triangle. In fact, I might have enjoyed the experience of watching the movie slightly better than my first read of the book. Knowing that everything (kinda) works out really helped me get through the emotional roller coaster.

Official site / Trailer (as if you haven’t seen it)


Yankee Candle: christmas tree - image from

Yankee Candles

I’ve been a big fan of the scented (or, as I like to say, smelly!) candles this year, but had never really tried Yankee Candles until this month. For some reason, I thought they’d be kinda… horrid. I am happy to be wrong. Yes, some smell hideous. But mostly, they do what they say on the jar. As someone who is not getting a Christmas tree this year, this candle has been the perfect alternative. It smells exactly like a Christmas tree – I kid you not.


That’s it for this month! As the candle might have given away, I am in a super Christmas-y mood this year… so December should be a treat! Although…


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