january favourites

Who else is NOT a fan of the first month of the year? I think it is the fall after the Christmas high that really makes January one of those months where nothing at all good can possibly happen. Book-wise, for me, that January fit the same pattern of horrendousness. I read nothing good and the few books I managed to get through took forever.

So: there are no bookish favourites this month. But there were others!

The Veronica Mars Trailer (!!!)

OMG THIS MOVIE. Just… wow. I absolutely adored the trailer. I don’t know what I was expecting from the Veronica Mars movie, but this was not it. This? This is so, so much better.



It’s not that I am late to board the Pinterest bandwagon… its more like I’ve been actively avoiding it every time it comes around. I am a Tumblr girl and proud. But, when it comes to finding newly released book covers, Pinterest is pretty fantastic. I still prefer goodreads for my bookish lists and tumblr will always be my go-to social platform, but Pinterest has let me discover some pretties that I might otherwise have missed! I’m follow-able on darlingbooks.

Though all its home decor crap still freaks me out.

Psych (in its last season *cries*)

If you haven’t been watching Psych these past eight years, you’ve been missing out on an AMAZING show. It’s funny, fun and just ludicrously entertaining. And its eighth season – which, it turns out, is its last (NOOOOOOOOO) – has been fantabulous. It is one of those rare shows that has just improved with time… and I don’t know what I am going to do without it. I’ve been watching it since the very first episode and I honestly thought it would go on forever.


Well, that was a depressing way to end the month. In other complaints: I also miss the snow. So, February, please provide:

a) Some amazing reads

b) A “psych!” from USA regarding Psych

c) Snow

OK? Cheers.

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