A small selection of the comic books that are TRYING TO TAKE OVER MY LIFE. (No, not trying. I am letting them. They are awesome.)

A small selection of the comic books that are TRYING TO TAKE OVER MY LIFE. (No, not trying. I am letting them. They are awesome.)

At some point between returning from BEA and enjoying the genius that was X-Men: Days of Future Past (OMG that movie), I made the executive decision that comic books were going to be my new thing. Because anything that has created so many awesome spin-off products (Avengers! The Walking Dead! TONY STARK!) had to be pretty awesome.

Now, my main concern about comic books: the gender thing. I worry about anything that is male-dominated, as I have no desire to patronize ANYTHING filled with the male-gaze. Life is short. Sexism is so 1880s. Female empowerment FTW.

In fact, I had tried to get into comics a few years ago… and stopped. I wandered into Forbidden Planet’s comic section and was glared at by creepy male teenagers… add to that the fact I had no idea what I was looking for and… I didn’t go back!

But forewarned is forearmed. So, I went into research mode and first decided to hit up youtube for some recommendations… and recommendations by women, if possible. There was a lot! First off, the lovely Priscilla over at The Readables was also starting out in the comic book world, so her beginners video is was a good place to start with the terminology. Knowing that the paperback editions of the comics were just bind-ups and not some super-special long edition? Really useful bloody thing to know.

Next I discovered the awesome comicbookgirl19. She is super into the superhero side and is, well, a total expert. Her comic book video for nooblers was super useful. One of her videos hooked me up with the Thor: God of Thunder series (and I lurved it). So much so, that I have to get you into it as well:

And through the awesome comicbookgirl19 came Amy Dallen of Geek & Sundry! I’d recommend ALL of her comic book videos as she is SO inspired by comic books. It is her work and her passion – her enthusiasm is for comics is totally catching. I am like “YES COMIC BOOKS WILL EMPOWER FUTURE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN TO BE AWESOME SUPERHEROS” whenever I watch her videos 🙂

I hope these videos help you get into comic books the way they have helped me. I have LOVED what I’ve picked up so far and have already spent an obscene amount of money on new titles. I FEEL NO GUILT AND LURVE IT ALL.



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