As my interest in comic books continues to grow, I’ve come across a LOT of comic books I’ve absolutely adored. My average goodreads rating has jumped rather suddenly purely because I’m reading and loving so many comic books! I think that is just one of the brilliant things about finding a new genre: you start with reading the best-of-the-best, rather than having to dig through a genre you know for a new gem.

So – every once in a while – I thought I’d share the latest and greatest comic books I’ve been reading. I’m going to try not to make these too often, as I have found that blogging can sometimes have the inverse effect on my appreciation of a book… sad, but true. I should write a post about that one of these days…

On to the books!


Ms. Marvel

Vol. 1: No Normal (goodreads)

Everyone and their mother is reading Ms. Marvel (mine included). Let me just say: there’s a very, very good reason for that. This is a modern, fresh take on the typical superhero – perfect for the twenty-first generation. Yes, Ms. Marvel is Muslim, but more than that, she is Generation Z. The girl writes fanfiction, deals with parents who just don’t “get” her modern ways and – most of all – she isn’t even remotely confined by her gender. Ms. Marvel is a fun, fun, fun read. The first volume is out in October and is a MUST BUY for comic fans and non-comic fans alike. Highly recommended.

God Butcher

Thor: God of Thunder

Vol. 1: The God Butcher (goodreads) and Vol. 2: Godbomb (goodreads)

OMG this STORY. I went into this book based off a youtube review of the series (see my post about that here) and was expecting great things. Well… it didn’t disappoint. The artwork is just so stunningly beautiful – rich, warm, soft, but depicting really tough stuff. And the story? Simply perfect. I am not a Movie!Thor fan, but after reading this storyline I can completely see the appeal. The book makes you question the role of faith in society – both the positive and the extremely negative – as well as the “purpose” a God can serve. Absolute genius. Highly recommended.



Complete Volume 1 (goodreads)

If there is one series a YA novel fan should read, I’d say it is Brian K. Vaughn’s Runways. It follows a group of teens who find out their loving parents are actually supervillians trying to destroy the world. Talk about problems! Not only is the story unique, it also features some brilliant teenage drama to keep you engaged and flicking the pages. First released in 2004, it has been reissued this year by Marvel in a single volume for your convenience! Highly, highly recommended.


Hope these recommendations helped. They are all great starting places for new readers, so go out and read some comic books!


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