For Authors and Publishers

ETA 5/8/14: I am not currently accepting review books and will be VERY slow to answer to any inquiries. Apologies, but I am (literally) over booked!

I am interested in receiving books for review and ARCs. Contact me (Kay): via email deadbookdarling at gmail dot com or via my Contact Form

Things to know:

  • I mainly review Speculative Fiction (Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, High Fantasy) and Young Adult novels on Dead Book Darling. I occasionally review Literary (adult) Fiction and Middle-Grade Fiction.
  • I am not interested in reviewing Non-Fiction, Crime, most Romance, Religious fiction or books for under-12s.
  • Note that I have UK and French postal addresses – you can choose which you prefer.
  • I try to be fair and honest in my opinion of a book, which means I do write negative reviews. Be aware of this before you contact me!
  • I do not accept self-published novels.
  • Reviews are posted on Dead Book Darling and GoodReads.
  • I will not be able to accept all requests.
  • Accepted novels cannot be guaranteed a review.
  • Although the Big Six do dominate my review list, I am happy to hear from Indie publishers!

FTC Disclosure

I receive no remuneration for my reviews, nor do I receive any payment for my other blog posts (blog tours, Waiting on Wednesday, etc.). I do, however, receive books for reviews and giveaways. These are clearly indicated and have no impact on my opinion of the novel.