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Do you prefer to read stand-alone books, or books in series? Do you stick with a series the whole way through or stop after the first installment? Are there any particular series you enjoy?

I have always been a fan of series and firmly believe in sticking them out. Even when they start to run dry. However, I do prefer to know when the end is in sight. If there are going to be 13 books in the series, I would hope to know that by book 6. At least then I know that the author really does have an end in sight, and isn’t just screwing with my emotions for the fun of it.

But because so few authors actually have the ability (aka permission from their publishers/guarantee that X number of books will published), they are bound to either drag a series out or cut it off too short. So, I keep a policy of forgetfulness. If there is a book in a series I hated – I just block it from my mind, and move on to the next. Writing a series is just not the same as writing a single novel, and a bit of leeway should be given because of it.

As for series I am reading, I have a whole list – along with my list of series TBR.

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