I’ve just signed up for the League Mini-Challenge for Febraury going on in coordination with the New Author Challenge (which I am not part of, but sounds brilliant) Basically, we read/review 3 to 5 League of Reluctant Adult authors in February and get entered for some great prizes.  Kinda awesome, right?

Since I have a few of these awesome authors on my TBR pile, this gives me a great incentive to actually read them!

The challenge runs Feb.1 to Feb. 28, and you can sign up for it here!

My planned reading list (these are the ones on my TBR Shelf!)


ETA: My first completed challenge of 2010!  This one was so much fun, and I have added two new authors to my favourites list!  Literary Escapism is planning a similar challenge for April 2010, check out the details on her site.

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