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I looove my books this week! I went a bit YA-mad at Foyles as everything was 10% off and it was to be my last trip there for many months.  *sigh*  Which is probably a good thing, considering this gives them a chance to refresh the stock.  *snickers*  I also had some great luck at charity shops, so I managed to get a lot of books without feeling guilty over their prices.  Which is a lovely thing…

From the top:

And a few of these were signed!  The Eternal Kiss (won from LE) was sent by the lovely Dame Kaz, who also had Maria V. Snyder sign it.  It’s a looovely two-for-one and I was very excited when I got it.  *pets*
I also picked up Sarwat Chadda’s first novel.  Luckily, Foyles still had some of his signed editions left from the Summer Scream event!

So… how was your week?  ♥

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