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Summer Shorts is a weekly feature on Dead Book Darling, reviewing great short stories every Saturday through July-August 2010.

Dangerous (Darkest Powers Story) by Kelley Armstrong


Free online story! Click here to read the story on Kelley Armstrong’s website.

Thoughts: This brilliant Darkest Powers story tells us how Derek and Simon got to Lyle House. Considering Derek is insanely smart, I had been wondering how he managed to get himself and his brother locked up. Armstrong does a fantastic job explaining the circumstances. It’s rather tragic and rather wonderful – and, best of all, it’s in Derek’s POV.

Oh, Derek. *sighs* *gets misty eyed* Ahem.

Anyhow, this story is a hundred pages of epic brotherly love. Honestly – Derek and Simon could give the Winchesters (Supernatural TV) a run for their money. They had such fabulous interplay between them – both trying to protect each other (usually Derek was the only successful one) whilst bantering non-stop. It is fabulous.

Now, I expected to love Derek in this – and trust me, I did – but what I wasn’t expecting was Simon. Oh, Simon. He desperately wants to keep his brother with him, and tries so damn hard to make Derek admit to what he wants. Not that he succeeds – Derek is as stubborn as a mule. But while I understood the extent of Derek’s love for Simon from the DP trilogy, in Dangerous we see just how much Simon loves his brother back: an awful lot.

Bottom line? You absolutely must read this. Although, even though it is set before The Summoning – make sure you read that first. It will make the experience 100x better.

Kelley Armstrong is currently writing another online short story in Derek’s POV set between The Summoning and The Awakening. It is called Divided and is currently a WIP. Check her blog to see for regular updates!


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