Hey there, fellow read-a-thon-ers!

Thinking about sneaking a nap in? No way! Grab a cup of tea or coffee (or a Red Bull) because you’re in for the long-haul now. While you’re at it, get out your camera’s for the Hour 19 “Show It Off” Mini-challenge.

Here’s your challenge: I want you to show off a book (or books) from your library that you are extremely proud of. The unique, signed or simply dear-to-your-heart editions that you’d grab if there were a fire.

Need some examples? Well, how about that signed, personalised edition by your favourite author? Or how about that shelf of painstakingly-collected of every Jane Austen-related book in existence? Perhaps you’ve an extremely dog-eared copy of a book that’s been passed down through your family? Anything goes – just make it something special to you.

Last year, I chose to show off my near-and-dear to me copies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They are beautiful editions that have been in the family for decades. But this year – to give you something different – I thought I’d share one of my favourite signed copies ever: Bill Clinton’s Giving: How Each Of Us Can Change The World

I met President Clinton in London in 2007 and was absolutely over the moon. Technically – my mother reminds me – I met him when I was a little girl and he was campaigning. He was so ridiculously nice in person; he made it seem like he was talking only to you, even though he was meeting dozens of people. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t change this copy for a thing. (OK, that’s not true. If you had a book signed by John Adams, I’d trade you in a second. Adams is, and forever shall be, my favourite US President.)

Now, show off yours!

  • Take a picture of a book/books from your library you really want to show off: signed editions, rare editions, obsessively-organized Sherlock Holmes collections – just whatever is special to you!
  • Post your photo on your blog, twitter, facebook, flickr, etc. then add your link below.
  • One winner will be chosen to receive  $15/£10 gift certificate to Amazon/Book Depository
  • This challenge will close in three hours (just before hour 22)


Thank you everyone! I loved looking at everyone’s entries – you guys have great collections!

And the winner is…

Congrats Tanja @ Time for Reading! I will be in touch soon 🙂

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