Although I read over 50 books in 2015, but putting together a top ten list was rather difficult. On the whole, I had a decent reading year, but few crossed that “Best of” threshold.

But after a lot of thought, I was able to come up with 8 really great novels/graphic novels, and 2 all-time favourites. Here’s what I picked!

All Fall Down by Ally Carter

Although this certainly wasn’t my all-time-favourite Carter book, it is an amazing start to an engaging series. It fills the shoes left by the Gallagher Girls, while also setting its own path. Though if there is no crossover, I may go nuts!! Read full review here.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

No surprise here – I adore Novik, and that hasn’t changed. But Uprooted was a supremely unique novel, set in a universe I can guarantee you’ve never been to. If you’re suffering from genre fatigue, Uprooted will leave you uplifted. Read full review here.

Legends of the Ferengi by Ira Steven Behr

A book with a cover this ugly should NOT be on a top ten favourites list… and yet. I listened to the audio rendition of this Star Trek novel and was floored by how much I adored it. The Ferengi are one of my favourite Star Trek species (for comedy alone) and this book got their culture just right. SO much fun.

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

This is a weird fav, because there were a lot of things about this book I wasn’t a fan of (the mahoot story, in particular, made me want to stop reading). But the vast majority of this book was incredibly atmospheric, rich in history and actually took a very progressive view on the rights of animals. Add to that the fact I read the book while in India, and it is certainly an unforgettable read of 2015.


Ms Marvel by G. Willow Wilson

Vol. 2 Generation Why
Vol. 3 Crushed

This series continues to get better and better with each book! This was the one-and-only series I read issue-to-issue, and I really, really looked forward to them each month. Alas, I am not completely caught up with the series now (as I took a comic break while waiting for Secret Wars to come to Marvel Unlimited) but – now that it has – it means I can finally read the last few issues of this first series, and then catch up with the new Ms Marvel book that is out! The new series has me psyched – it will be really interesting to see how Kamala handles the Big Leagues.

Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More
Vol. 2: Stay Fly

I read the first volume of DeConnick’s Captain Marvel last year and, while I liked it, I wasn’t in love. But WOW. The 2014-2015 series, collected in 3 volumes, is just so friggin’ amazing. Unlike the previous series, Carol is dealing with all new villains in all new settings (i.e. planets), and she is super awesome while doing it. These books made me a card-carrying Carol Corps member – go pick them up!


The Top Two

Drumroll please! Here are my two favourite books of 2015!

Winter by Marissa Meyer

I really, really need to review this book – because my feelings about it are way too long and complex to put into a few sentences. Let’s just say this: Amazing. Addictive. Lived up to the hype.

This Shattered World by Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman

Gah, this book. I can’t… it was just so amazing. In my review I described it as: “pure science fiction with a well- incorporated romantic plot, that just happens to be aimed at young adults.” I highly recommend it. Read full review here.

Let me know your favourite reads of 2015!

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