Kindle deals: Here’s what you should get…

Deals and Freebies

Amazon UK is hosting a Kindle Reading Marathon. And it? Is awesome. First off, they are selling dozens (hundreds?) of books for 99p. Second, they are giving out gift certificates when you spend money. Take a look:

So, if you buy 21 books at 99p each, Amazon will give you a gift certificate for £5. And hell, if you don’t feel like buying that many books, they are still ludicrously inexpensive!

I took a look at what they have on offer, and here are a few that caught my eye. Links under the images will take you straight to Amazon:

a.k.a. “Sea Change” – I reviewed this one a while back (read here) and really enjoyed it! Would certainly recommend you get a copy!!
Marr is a guaranteed good read.
I got this one for review a while back and have been desperate to start it – readalong, anybody?
This is on my TBR pile of doom, but have heard good things about it.
I read this years ago but wasn’t a big fan – a lot of people love it, though, so you might want to try it out.
I reviewed this one last year (read here) and really enjoyed Ben’s depiction of London.
This is on my TBR pile of doom – I met Joe at Eastercon this year, and the man is hysterical and just… smart. If the books are even a fraction like him, they will be amazing.
FYI: I am not an Amazon Associate and am not earning a penny from this promotion. I just think news about good books at good prices should be shared!
Happy reading everyone!