Summer Shorts is a weekly feature on Dead Book Darling, reviewing great short stories every Saturday through July-August 2010.  I’ve been reading quite a few fabulous anthologies lately, and I want to share the love!

The Exterminator’s Daughter 
by Meg Cabot
Meg Cabot / Goodreads / Librarything

Find it in: Prom Nights From Hell Anthology

Rating: 4 stars

Thoughts:  I’ll admit it – I used to think Cabot was a writer for 12-year-old girls with learning disabilities.  Harsh, I know.  But hey, I come to you reformed!

The Exterminator’s Daughter was fun, fun, fun!  The 50-page story kicks off when a stupid-but-sweet teenage girl is seduced by a rather evil vampire.  Her BFF Mary (a.k.a. the Exterminator’s Daughter) just so happens to be a kick-ass vamp killer.  Helping her swoop in to save the day is the awesome-and-totally normal Adam, and, oh yeah, they get to go to prom.

It is super funny, with a touch of rather adorable romance.  But Cabot took the story one step further, writing some pretty well-rounded characters.  Mary isn’t just charging to the rescue for the hell of it: she has suffered a pretty devastating personal loss and is on a pretty un-funny quest for revenge.  It’s all rather tragic, but it made me connect with Mary about so much more than I would think possible in so few pages!

Bottom line?   Cabot is certainly on my YA radar now – anyone who can leave me smiling and wishing for a sequel deserves to be read ASAP!

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