Hello my fellow book lovers – I’m back! I’m afraid I’ve been rather scarce lately. Real life caught up with me these past few months and, frankly, I have had no energy to blog about books. And, to be honest, I haven’t even been reading many books. But I have been reading… fanfics.

Fandom is my ultimate literary comfort blanket – it is a group that has “produced” a hell of a lot of prolific authors: Naomi Novik, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Cassandra Clare, to name but a few. And while a lot has made me reach for my literary comfort blanket (Real Life and Sherlock), part of it has been the – how do I put this gently – pressure of blogging.

When I started Dead Book Darling, I admit that I was in awe of all the author interviews, review books, and guest posts featured on other blogs. But I certainly didn’t set up the blog for the perks – I set it up in order to share my thoughts on books I loved and loathed, any “extras” would be, well, extra.

But lately I’ve found myself a bit overwhelmed – with unread review books stacking up next to me and emails from publishers going unopened. My response to it has been: “OMG this is brilliant, but GOD I have no bloody time.” Because I do feel required to read review books… I know that I don’t have to, but… I do. It’s a Catholic thing, I suppose.

Review books chasing after me… you’d think books wouldn’t be so sprightly…

See, I have a full-time, 11-hours-a-day job that I love; I am enrolled in a part-time post-grad course that is fascinating; I volunteer for an association based in another country; I recently took on another extra-but-brilliant position at work; and, oh, I have to sleep. Add to that full-time blogging and, well, I’ll soon be writing you from a sanitarium.

So, I took a break. I haven’t been looking at the blogosphere, I haven’t been looking the 4 shelves of TBR books at home, and I certainly haven’t been scheduling my reading time. Instead, I’ve been curled under my comfort blanket reading (fic) for fun.

You heard me, I’ve been reading for fun! And it’s been brilliant.

And now that the joy of the written word is back in my system, I think I am ready to face the regular-ol’-paperback again.

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