April Favourites

Whenever I have a favourites post come round, I feel like breaking into song. Doesn’t the title do that to you? Don’t you hear Julie Andrews singing her heart out to small Austrian children? *cues soundtrack* Anyhow, on to my favourites of April!

Jennifer Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ms. Armentrout came out of nowhere this month. I know plenty of people have been fans of hers for years, but I’m really late to get on the boat. But then I was sent White Hot Kiss (unsolicited) for review and fell in LOVE. First off – although I will get to this in my review of the book – I find the cover a bit misleading. It looks SUPER romantic, and it really isn’t. It is much more of a urban fantasy novel veering into young adult UF. Which, c’mon, exactly describes my favourite genre!

Anyhow, the book was TOTALLY addictive and had the sequel been out, I would have read it off the bat. Seriously. It was fab. Jennifer Armentrout is going onto my list of must-read-more-of-NOW authors!

Game of Thrones

Oh, C’MON! Of course this is making the list!! Game of Thrones has been turning it out this season – as usual! No really… has there ever been a bad episode of this show? Hmmm? I didn’t think so. I have been loving Tyrion and Sansa together. Not romantically, but there is something about their relationship that makes me want to see them on the screen together ALL THE TIME. Oh, and the Martells! Anyone else in love with them? Really hope we get to see Dorne sometime…

And that’s all I can say without epic spoilers. 🙂 Oh, and if you may die before Sunday without a fix, watch the AMAZING vid I’ve embedded above. For those of you who may have issues with the rampant sexism in the books/show (I am one of them), you will adore it. (Although warning for S3 spoilers and GoT nudity/violence/death.)

Speculative Fiction Must Reads

My Speculative Fiction Must Reads Page

Not to toot my own horn, but my revamped Must Reads page is GORGEOUS. Since switching to my new layout, I’ve been really playing about with different page styles and I REALLY like what I’ve come up with. Go check out the page for some good book recommendations and some shiny effects. 😉

Coming up…!

I’ve got a few special posts coming up on the blog because…. I’m heading back to BEA! I absolutely cannot wait to go back and am looking forward to seeing so many of the people I met last year! Anyhow, the posts you’ll spot will be some BEA tips & tricks for first timers (hopefully some new stuff you won’t have seen) as well as some to-look-for authors and books. Keep a look out. 😀

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