Review: From Baghdad, With Love by Jay Kopelman and Melinda RothFrom Baghdad, With Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava by Jay Kopelman, Melinda Roth
Published by Lyons Press
Pages: 196
Genres: Non-Fiction
Source: Purchased myself
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In From Baghdad, With Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava, Jay Kopelman tells a story that is both tender and thought-provoking - candidly portraying the ugly conditions in wartime Iraq, while also describing his (and his fellow Marines') growing attachment to a scruffy stray puppy.

Thoughts: I first heard of this book a good year ago, when I heard the author give a beautiful interview on NPR. Being the huge dog lover that I am, not to mention overly romantic, this book was practically made for me. The writing is simple, and the story itself isn’t too long – but its a beautiful one. The Lieutenant Colonel truly cared about this dog, despite himself. And the amount of people who found room in their hearts to help him and this amazing pup is just…. well, astounding considering the circumstances. It made me feel better about this world, just the thought of their being people selfless enough to do the right thing in a world where there is just so much wrong.

I was slightly nervous about any war propaganda that could rear its head, but I found the book completely neutral. Very matter of fact, “we are, and it’s crap, but this is what we signed up for” – while I am completely against the war, there is absolutely nothing in it to insult anyone who swings the other way.

As you can tell, I’m including a few pics of Lava – and I am sure that any dog lover will head straight to amazon after just a glance!

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