Kelley Armstrong Forbidden Planet SigningI was lucky to attend the Kelley Armstrong signing at Forbidden Planet last night!  I had a brilliant time, and Kelley was extremely cheery and gracious to every one of her fans there.

First off – there was a pretty big group.  Not necessarily a mob, but some people did have to wait 30+ minutes to see her.  Kelley took her time with everyone and answered a lot of questions.  Needless to say, I mainly gushed over her Darkest Powers series and made a slight fool of myself.  But I think she appreciated the sentiment!  I had had only one real question – and that was whether or not we were definitely going to be seeing Chloe again after The Reckoning.  She had mentioned on interviews I’d read that she was considering revisiting them, but I had not heard anything firm.

The answer?  Yes!  Kelley said that, like her adult series, she just needs more characters to work with.  So we are going to be seeing Chloe again, she just won’t be the star all the time!

Lots of women at the signing – a fact the few men there seemed to notice.  Kelley actually said something about men being put off by leading female characters, and that it was always refreshing to meet male fans who could handle reading about a woman! (admittedly, I’m paraphrasing).

Anyhow, I got two more (now signed!) copies of the Darkest Powers series, and a lovely Hardback copy of Frostbitten (even though she was there to promote the paperback!).

If you couldn’t make the Forbidden Planet signing, Kelley Armstrong is making one final stop Friday 26th March, at the World Horror Con, Brighton!  Who knows when she will be back in the UK – so don’t miss your chance if you can help it.  But, if you still want a signed copy of one of her books and can’t make it tomorrow – she left a whole stack of signed copies at Forbidden Planet London for the taking.  ♥
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