Earlier this summer, the fan-favourite series Oksa Pollock arrived in the UK. Although not well know to a lot of us English-language natives, the series has a huge group of fans abroad. Some of these fans (a.k.a. “Pollockmaniacs”) answer the question:

“Why should UK children read Oksa Pollock?”

Marie Julien

Why read Oksa? The world created by the authors is really well imagined, gripping, and quite simply magical (in the real as well as figurative sense of the word).  It’s really easy to identify with Oksa as well as with the other characters, each of whom is unique and mysterious (and no, I’m not just talking about the tall, dark and handsome one!) And also the creatures – how could you not fall in love with the Lunatrixes or the Incompetent? Oksa Pollock’s world contains a whole flock of funny and charming animals, and the rest of the characters would not disagree! To read Oksa Pollock is to go from laughter to tears (even crying with laughter), to self-discovery, to be surprised and to travel in time… because once you’ve dived into Oksa’s world it’s very difficult to climb back out! It’s the sort of book you start reading just to see what it’s like, but then can’t bear to tear yourself away from before you’re finished! You don’t need to be a big fan of fantasy to appreciate the plot and the setting, it’s so well written that it has you gripped from the very beginning. This book, this series, turns you into a total addict. You only want one thing: to read it, reread it and find out what happens next!

Carole Zheng

Why read Oksa Pollock? It’s just a fantastic, magical story, with fascinating, unique and unforgettable characters! Cendrine Wolf and Anne Plichota have managed to create a completely captivating world! Moving scenes, full of action, of romance… If you have to read one series, I would totally recommend Oksa Pollock! Happiness guaranteed!

Adeline Didine

They should read Oksa Pollock because it takes place in a really original universe which is stunning because it’s so magical, and because of its colourful characters to which you become attached so quickly. It’s a unique style of writing because the two authors each bring a bit of themselves to the book. Oksa is young and readers will either be able to remember their teenage years through her, or gain a new friend who is going through the same things as them.

Emma Salley 

You must read Oksa because it’s the best fantasy book in the world. You really identify with the characters, and everything you need for a good novel is there: suspense, adventure, emotions, romance, friendship… It’s also really funny, thanks to the Oksa–Tugdual–Gus triangle.  From the first line you’re hooked!


The sequel - Oksa Pollock: The Forest of Lost Souls - will be out next February.

The sequel – Oksa Pollock: The Forest of Lost Souls – will be out next February.

Eliott Conway-Duby

Why read Oksa Pollock? It’s simple—it’s gripping, funny, so well written you feel like you’re part of the adventure yourself. A must-read!

Roseanne Rees

You should read Oksa Pollock because it’s an amazing book. You feel all the emotions that the Runaways are feeling. You feel so much like one of the Runaways that you can lose yourself in the book and forget everything. Also, what’s brilliant is that this book contains everything you can feel, from love and joy to sadness and despair, the full range! It’s more than a brilliant book, it’s magical.

Maxime Baumann

To have fun, and to have a good time, I have one solution… read the Oksa Pollock books. It’s a fascinating and interesting story. The best I ever read! If you like fantasy, magic or even a beautiful story about love and a friendship… the story is for you! The first time I read the first volume, I was surprised to find myself liking this kind of book. I normally hate love stories, but this mix between magic and love is fantastic! If you loved Harry Potter, you just can’t help but love Oksa Pollock!

Sara Parrenin

Oksa Pollock transports us from a sometimes sad, real world to an incredible, enchanted place. It’s non-stop emotion! To read this book is to become a Pollock fan, from the first line, to the point that it is hard to stop reading. This book is magical, and not to read it would mean missing out on an incredible story, which can re-energise you and make you laugh, even when you’re feeling sad.

This post’s content was provided by the UK publishers. Thank you to them and to the Pollockmaniacs for sharing their thoughts!

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