reading_medieval_-_2The challenges of 2010.  The suffering and guilt, the fantastic books and prizes – here’s a wrap-up of the challenges I conquered, and the ones that nearly conquered me!

There was the 100+ Reading Challenge, over at (what once was) J.Kaye’s Book Blog.  I managed to get 71 books read, which was a record for me but still didn’t get me over the bar.  It was also the first year I participated in The Story Siren’s Debut (YA) Author Challenge – for which I read and reviewed 9 out of 12 debut novels. Then there was J.Kaye’s YA Reading Challenge, for which I read a grand total of 37 books.  Pretty impressive given the fact I’d set out to read only 25.

I also took part in two of Literary Escapism’s New Author Mini-Challenges.  These were super fun, as they only lasted a month and I actually managed to complete them!  First there was The League of Reluctant Adults Mini-Challenge (where I discovered Jaye Wells and Richelle Mead), and then there was the Deadline Dames vs. Fangs Fur & Fey Mini-Challenge.

The award for most neglected challenge of 2010 goes to… the Finish that Series Challenge.  To be honest, I just forgot about this one once I’d signed up for it.  You didn’t have to check in monthly, there were hardly any wrap-up posts, and well… I still managed to complete the Mercy Thompson series (although a new book has since been released!).

The only challenge I regret not completing was the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Readalong.  I managed to get half-way through Two Towers before I accidentally abandoned the books.  I truly do plan on finishing this series at some point in my life – just a shame I didn’t manage to do it in 2010!

I also participated in two of Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thons.  I didn’t get too many books read, but they were great fun! I really look forward to the September 2011 Readathon.

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