Bitten Season 1 PromoWhen I heard Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten series was going to be turned into a TV series I was – I’ll admit – rather excited.

No longer.

Space Channel has just released its first promo for the series and it is horrendous. I mean, it is really, really bad. It lacks any and all depth, and has turned the book series into simple fodder for a soap opera. It has every cliché in the book: naked torture, crying with dramatic eye makeup, gratuitous shots of cleavage – the works. Take a look:

Cast: Laura Vandervoort (Smallville), Greyston Holt (Once Upon a Time), Greg Bryk (A History of Violence), Paul Greene (NCIS), Steve Lund (Haven)

Given the cast list, I really thought this show had potential. And maybe it still does… but the promo and the marketing are making me doubt it. I mean, the slogan they’re using is “Who’s afraid of the big, blonde wolf?” Which… seriously? Seriously?? We’re focussing on the fact Elena is a blonde? Have they met Elena? Because she would eat them for that comment. I can already feel this show veering away from the books.

So perhaps if I hadn’t read any of the books I would be excited about this TV show… though I doubt it. Can non-series fans chip in their two cents here?

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