I’m back with another Comic Book Post! As I said in my last edition, I’ve been reading a LOT of comic books and I’ve absolutely adored most of them. Here are a few that I have particularly enjoyed lately – all of them great for new readers.



Collected edition (out in June 2015 – goodreads) or subscribe on the Vertigo website

Even comic book fanatics may not have heard of this title – which is a real shame. It is a murder mystery set in London… in 4 different centuries. Same body, same city, but spread across time. To make things even better, 4 different artists pen the different time periods. Each gives their era a different feel and style, while writer Si Spencer ties it all together.

Bodies also is a great book if you are looking for POC characters or LGBT characters. My two favourite detectives are DS Shahara Hasan – a English-Muslim Police officer who won’t let slurs stand in her way – and Edmond Hillinghead – a closeted Victorian gentleman inspector doing his best not to be sent off to prison with Oscar Wilde.

Bodies just released issue 7 of 8 – so it should soon be out as a collected edition. Of course, I’d recommend picking up all the back issues on the Vertigo app or from your local comic book store – but I am rather biased. 🙂


Hawkeye Hawkguy

Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon (goodreads) – Vol. 2: Little Hits (goodreads) – Vol. 3: L.A. Woman (goodreads) – Vol. 4: Rio Bravo (out in March 2015 – goodreads)

You know how Hawkeye just seems like a regular guy who somehow ended up with superspies as buddies? Well, that’s what this book is all about. Matt Fraction explores the secret life of Hawkguy, his bad-ass protegé and his dog (who, fantastically, gets his own issue from his POV).

Just like Bodies, this series is wrapping up. The final issue will be out in March and comic book fans everywhere will be left bereft – wondering what the hell they did with their lives before this book of pizza, coffee and shoot-em-ups came along.

Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel (again)

Vol. 1: No Normal (goodreads) – Vol. 2: Generation Why (out in March 2015 – goodreads)

I recommended Ms. Marvel in my last Comic Book Post! and just… OMG it is getting even BETTER. While the first 6 issues focussed on her learning her powers, the later issues have started tying in her character with the larger Marvel universe. That can be a bit dangerous – especially as Ms. Marvel is read by a lot of new-to-comics readers – but it has been SO well handled. SO friggin adorable I want to thrust it into hands of passing strangers. Highly recommended.


Hope these recommendations helped. They are all great starting places for new readers, so go out and read some comic books!

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