Feed my Reader is my excuse to highlight the latest e-book additions (a-la Showcase Sunday/Stacking the Shelves/Mailbox Monday). 

I have gone Star Trek mad these past few weeks. I have always been a trekkie and, during a recent re-watch marathon, started googling for more Star Trek info… at which point I discovered some of the brilliant audiobooks narrated by Star Trek cast members! These were my first audiobook listens EVER and I enjoyed the hell out of them. I think I binge-listened to 5 or 6 during the end of 2014.

Anyhow, that kicked off my interest in the novels! I had always assumed media-franchise books weren’t the best (especially given the fabulous wealth of fanfiction out there – why pay?) but listening to the audiobooks has really changed my mind. They were all fab and some were even written by the Star Trek writers themselves so… that’s practically canon!

With this in mind, here are some recent Star Trek e-books that have invaded my reader. Here’s hoping they are as good as the audiobooks:

Star Trek Haul

  • A Stitch in Time by Andrew J Robinson – I LOVE Garak. He’s one of my favourite DS9 characters. So that there is a book all about him written by the man who played him? Insta buy!
  •  Star Trek Destiny Trilogy by David Mack – This trilogy follows on from the Star Trek: Nemesis movie and unites characters from all the series. I’m a bit worried that I might be starting too far into the new timeline with this series… maybe I should read some of the other post-Nemesis books first? Hmm…
  • The 34th Rule by Armin Shimerman and David George III – Again, here’s one of the actors I love most writing about one of my favourite characters. A good Ferengi tale never goes unwanted. Rule of Acquisition #344. 🙂

Are there any other trekkies out there who have read these? If so, let me know which I should read first!

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